As the weather starts to heat up, you may want to enjoy a camping trip but don’t know what to do with your pet. Taking them to a doggy daycare or boarding them can be expensive and even stressful for both you and your pet. Here are some tips so you can travel with your pet and bring them along for the adventure.

Take Them For Walks During Stops

If you’re traveling for an extended period of time, it is important to take your animal for a walk so they don’t get riled up while driving. If you happen to forget to stop or give them a potty break, they could see the whole RV as a playroom and bathroom. Aside from it being hard to clean, stained carpentry or ripped, torn, and snagged furniture can be an eyesore while listing your RV for sale in the future. One way to avoid this is to shop for RVs without much carpet and use McDowells RV repair to fix any damages you or your pet have created.

Treat them with Treats

Pets can get nervous while on the road because they are not used to that kind of atmosphere. When traveling, it is important to pack for your pet – water and food bowls, toys, bedding, cleaning supplies, and most importantly, treats. Treats are essential to settle down your pet so they don’t get bored and chew on the furniture instead, and treats are always a solid way to reward good behavior. Keep you and your pet comfortable by giving them their favorite treats and hope they fall asleep while traveling.

Find a Pet Friendly Campground

Pet friendly campgrounds can be great for your pet because they offer recreational areas, power plug-ins for temperature control, and other furry friends for your animal to play with. Beware that you must be careful when planning because some campgrounds have breed restrictions and all shots must be up to date. Leaving your animal at the campground can be especially risky if your RV does not have sufficient air ventilation or air conditioning. Dogs can get anxious when their owner is away for a period of time. When dogs get anxious they tend to chew or tear up anything they can find, so make sure your dog is trained or calm enough to not tear the RV up (or take them with you!). If they do happen to ruin furniture, McDowell’s leather repair specializes in:

  • Holes
  • Scratches
  • Tears
  • Shredded armrests
  • Chewed up chair legs

Whether you’re going on a three week road trip or a weekend camping trip, extra preparation for your pet is key. Be sure they have enough space and time to play on the road or in a pet-friendly campground and have a sufficient amount of treats, food, and water so they can enjoy their vacation too. If not, they may ruin your RV’s wood, furniture, or leather – but don’t worry, you can always contact McDowells to get it fixed!

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