1. Cracks & Fades

Your leather couch is beautiful at first, but can really show its wear and tear after a while. Your couch can develop cracks if it hasn’t been cleaned regularly or if it has been exposed to direct sunlight for too long. It’s time to have your couch conditioned, reupholstered, or replaced. Aged furniture can hold some sentiment, but can also make the overall aesthetic of your room look old.

2. Pet Damage

Not everyone allows their animals on the couch, but if you do, then you know that they can cause some significant damage. Dog and cat nails can tear into your couch upholstery and cause rips or frays. Your pets can also give your furniture a strange smell, which can make it hard for resale. If your couch has fallen victim to the puppy years, then you know how frustrating it can be to have an expensive piece be torn apart.

3. Recliner Won’t Recline

It’s easy to notice the outside, but sometimes the mechanisms are what’s the issue. What good is a recliner if it doesn’t recline properly? It would be too rough to replace the whole couch or chair, even if it still appears ok. Especially if it has been broken in too. Luckily, shops like McDowells repair mechanisms like that. That way you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new piece of furniture.

4. Doesn’t Look & Fit Well

Couches and chairs can really make a statement. After some time, their color can fade and suck the life out of your room. Instead of providing that pop of color, they just make the room look dull or small. A lot of people who rent can’t hold on to every piece of furniture they purchase. With the constant moving and square footage changes, the furniture doesn’t always fit either. This makes the market supersaturated with furniture sales. It can be hard to resell your furniture with the competition being fierce.

5. Wood is Scratched

Not all couches are made of fabric or leather. Mid-century modern couches have wood accents that can become noticeably scratched or chipped. They can also break after heavy usage. A couch isn’t that great if the supports and accents are damaged. Wood restoration is an option, especially if your couch is an expensive statement piece. If not, then consider a couch that offers more support and has a unique pattern.

6. Uncomfy

Speaking of support, couches not only have to look good, but they also have to feel good too. New couches can be stiff and uncomfortable, no matter how great they look online. Your old couch can have padding that’s become flat over time too. Sometimes all you need to do is stuff and fluff the cushions with some filling. If anything you can also have it reupholstered for extra support. If you have joints that are broken, then you’ll have to go far deeper and repair or replace the whole thing.

7. Stained

Juice, soda, coffee, wine, pets. Stains can really put a “damper” on the appearance of your couch. All the DIY tricks haven’t worked, and you’re left to use a couch cover that you absolutely hate. If anything you should look into having it professionally cleaned. Some furniture repair shops offer cleaning services that can extend the life of your couch. If you’ve lost all hope then you don’t have to reupholster your whole couch. You can have sections reupholstered, which may save you some money.

Boise Furniture Repair

Before you go out and buy a brand new couch, consider fixing what you already have. At McDowells they specialize in furniture repair in the Treasure Valley. Not only can you have your couch cleaned, but you can also have it reupholstered. They offer a wide variety of materials and mechanisms that can be fixed. If your couch has stained or scratched wood, you can have that restored too. Couches are expensive, it’s important that you have them properly maintained and taken care of so you aren’t buying a new one every year.

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