One of the most prominent focal points in a lot of houses is the furniture we have. The interior design of a home is complimented by a vast amount of materials and resources we enjoy showing off. A popular, if not the most popular material is wood! With a variety of shades, types, and even textures, this material has become a major staple in homes and businesses all around the world. McDowell’s handles the repair and restoration of damaged wood furniture, and think it would help if we gave you the scoop on what all the fuss is about regarding wood furniture!

What Is The Best Type of Wood Material For Furniture?

From redwood, which is some of the lightest, most durable wood, to a heavier type of wood such as maple, which brings a strong structure to your decor! Maple is seen in a plethora of homes, especially when it comes to hardwood. But what wood is seen as the best for furniture? Here is McDowell’s top 3 choices:

  • Oak. The most domestic and popular species of wood for hardwood flooring! From the attractive grain to its ability to block out most stains and water damage, this type of wood has become a must for homeowners everywhere.
  • Ash. A contemporary and stylish option that combats against the toughest stains. Ash is also regarded as one of the best-engineered wood floorings due to its capability of being so durable!
  • Hickory. One of the hardest types of wood on the market, at a reasonable price, this particular wood receives a majority of its popularity due to its interesting and unique wood floor patterns. With a grain that is regarded as somewhat sporadic, this type of wood is sure to stand out!

These are just a few types of wood species for choices in furniture and design! Obviously, there are more than one, and at the end of the day to each their own, but do keep in mind a harder, more durable type of wood should be considered for your choice of furniture!

What Wood Looks Most Pleasing For Furniture

While harder wood is considered to be more common for furniture, the “aesthetically pleasing” aspect also plays a role. Woods that offer a good amount of durability along with vibrant color, go well when constructed into chairs, tables, desks, and even baseball bats if we want to step outside the furniture realm. A nice choice of wood we find to be sought after is known as Red-Leaf Maple. The vibrant color is due to the grain pattern and durability, making it a favored choice for furniture. The Maple material itself tends to carry a creamy color to it, making it a popular choice for people who enjoy neutral colors that compliment darker and lighter shades around the house! Although this material is well liked, it isn’t the only type of wood people enjoy for their choice of furniture. Here are some similar types:

  • Cherrywood
  • Pearwood
  • Oak
  • Sycamore

Each type of timber has a different element to it and with that a different personality, which is why people enjoy the wide variety of wood on the market. For example, Pearwood has a tighter grain compared to Cherrywood, which gives it a more “scale” appearance, along with more consistent coloring. Each individual has a different point of view for what they desire in the coloring and texture of wood, which is why McDowell’s Specialty Repair understands the importance of keeping your wooden furniture in pristine condition.
If the material on your wood is becoming an issue, like it’s splinting, or simply fading, we got your back! Give us a call today!

Heavy Wood vs. Light Wood

In regards to color and durability, hardwoods and lightwoods both bring on different elements. Lightwoods are most frequently used when projects need lighter wood, such as cabinets, crates, and shelves. Crates for example need a wood that has durability like Douglas Fir or Plywood, without the weight of wood like Black Ironwood or African Blackwood. Most people who pick up crates or pallets all day would probably enjoy leaving the back pain out of the job, which is why lightwood gets incorporated into most crates. Wood that leans on the heavy side, Mahogany being perhaps the most desired choice, tends to get used for projects like doors, desks, and pillars. Objects that require a heavier and more durable material tend to lean towards the wood that has a higher Janka rating. For those who are unfamiliar, the Janka scale measures how much force a type of wood can withstand before being damaged. Both heavy and light wood respectfully have their own attributes, whether it’s based on stability, color, texture, or pattern… but at the end of the day are all commonly used all around the world.
McDowell’s has the experience and knowledge to handle your wood repair needs, which is why we would enjoy helping you return any type of damaged wood to its original condition.

Because wood is one of the most wanted types of materials used around the world, there is a high demand to keep it looking in tip-top shape, especially in houses and businesses that find it crucial to keep their place looking pristine. McDowell’s Repair understands the importance of keeping wood in the best shape possible, which is why we want to be your friends in the restoration and repair process!
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