Every pet owner knows the struggle of keeping furniture in tip- top shape while you have furry friends running around your home. It is almost inevitable to have your furniture not get touched by your pets, so here are some ways to help your furniture stay clean and intact with some pet friendly furniture alternatives!

Know your Fabrics

If you are in the market for some new furniture to accommodate you and your pets, you may want to consider some more pet-proof materials to help with durability so you can help protect your investment from future scratches and stains from your cat or dog.

Low Pile Fabrics

Fabrics that are tightly woven are great and easy for keeping your furniture material clean and claw proof as well. Fabrics such as microfiber or synthetic fiber are also best for preventing odor because there is not as much material to keep smells trapped in.

Velour & Velvet

This knitted fabric is very similar to velvet as it is made from cotton and polyester. According to Tammer Hijazi, co-founder and design director for Bower Studio, velvet and short pile cotton velour are actually less appealing to cats. Pet hair is also more easily removed from this type of fabric.

Outdoor Furniture

If you are still worried about your furniture not being durable enough to handle your pets scratches and claws, outdoor furniture may be the route to go. Most furniture that is both indoor and outdoor are mold and mildew resistant so they withstand a lot no matter how routy your pets can get.


Leather is not only very durable, it is also very easy to clean as well. Top grain leather is also a great recommendation if you have cats with claws since it’s very durable. If you are worried about having scratches show up on your leather furniture, you can look into getting distressed furniture as well. Leather furniture also has a long life span and many other benefits that you may want to look into.


Canvas is a great material as it is very durable and will withstand scratches or tears from pets without trapping any dirt or hair. The material is also very easy to clean as well since it is very tightly woven,

More Tips on managing Pet Furniture

If you are not in the market for furniture but want to start somewhere to prevent wear and tear on your furniture, here are a few tips to help your pets claws to themselves!

  • A handheld pet remover tool or vacuum can get in between crevices of your furniture
  • Double-sided tape can be useful if your pet tends to scratch on the couch such as armrests.
    • Tip: Make sure the double tape you’re buying doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue.
  • You can get an extra protective furniture cover specifically for your pets.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of your furniture or need any repairs at all, don’t hesitate to call us or check out our website for more information.

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