Customer Testimonials

No Complaints

McDowells can fix anything! Leather, wood, luggage, car interior damage, etc. No complaints - excellent service. Jeremy is a jewel and a friendly, capable guy.

Jennifer Matoske

Business Testimonials

Fairly Reliable Bob's


Fairly Reliable Bob's was opened in 1975 by Bob Petersen. His son, Bobby Petersen, took over the business in August of 1986.

Bobby feels that some of his greatest achievements have been being able to serve the community for 30 years. Known primarily for his extensive inventory of Corvettes, Bobby is most proud of the fact that FRB's has been built on customer referrals, which is a reflection of their strong reputation. Future plans include growing their customer base to attract more faithful customers.

"We started doing business with Bert in 1993. In the last six years we have grown to a size that allows us to see Bert and his crew more often and we use their services extensively. As a business owner, I appreciate the fact that Bert always goes the extra mile, which makes working with him a pleasure. He always delivers more than we expect."

Bobby Petersen

Dennis Dillon


Dennis Dillon has been a family owned and operated business for over 30 years. At Dennis Dillon, you can view and test drive Nissan, Isuzu, Mazda, GMC and Suzuki, as well as work horse cars and trucks. They have a huge selection of previously owned vehicles and one of the nicest used car showrooms in the valley, specializing in low mileage vehicles. Keith Boyer, General Manager of the Used Car Division, talked candidly about some of the challenges that he faces in management everyday. One of his biggest obstacles is taking good, used vehicles and reconditioning them, making them ready to sell at a reasonable and fair price. Keith must be doing something right, because in 2004, Dennis Dillon Used Cars was recognized as the #1 Volume Used Car Dealer in Idaho. Their vision for the future is to open 2-3 more big lot stores across the Treasure Valley. Keith started doing business with Bert in 1993. He uses many of the services that McDowells offers, including paintless dent repair, leather and vinyl repair, carpet cleaning and miscellaneous work that needs a special touch. Keith states that he enjoys doing business with Bert because he "delivers more than he promises," and "he feeds us."

Keith Boyer

Dan Wiebold Ford


I started in the car business with a partner, but ended up buying out his side of the business. It was a bit rough in the beginning as we were under capitalized, our facility was a bit run down and we didn't have the strongest location. Dan Wiebold was originally located close to downtown Boise and we felt like that was not the best location to truly meet and serve the needs of our customers. However, we overcame many obstacles and eventually went on to achieve more than we ever imagined.

One of our greatest achievements was being able to transfer locations and move from a small store to a larger store. This was difficult because an increase in real estate required an increase in inventory. We also had to double our employee numbers in order to keep up with demand. When we built our car lot in Nampa in 2000, we knew that we would need room to grow. We believe that we will be happy here for quite a few years. It is also a great location for us. We are more centered in the valley and that helps with business. In the future we plan on continuing to grow to accommodate the needs of the Treasure Valley.

"We have been doing business with Bert McDowell for many years. Our relationship started when he worked for a company called Colorglo and he repaired car interiors for us. Over the years as he has expanded his business to include dents, bumpers and leather, we have expanded our use of and need for his services. His company does quality work and they are very responsible. Bert and his employees are customer friendly and we never have any problems with them."

Dan Wiebold
Dan Wiebold, Jr.

Lithia Ford of Boise


This Lithia store started out in Boise, Idaho as Bob Rice Ford. Lithia bought the store in 2000, retaining all of its employees, making it an easy transition for all involved. Our greatest achievement has been being able to keep our identity as a good and faithful car dealership even though there was an exchange of ownership. Our plans for the future are to stay right here. We have plenty of room for growth. We have been at our present location for about two years, so we are not in a hurry to leave as we believe it to be a perfect area for us and for our customers. One of the great things about the Lithia Company is there's more room for growth for our employees.

"We started doing business with Bert in 1993. He is a great guy with a great company. The business is capable of doing fantastic work and we rarely have any issues. If there is an issue, an employee is here immediately to resolve whatever it might be."

John Traska

Tom Scott Honda


Tom Scott moved to Idaho from Oregon 33 years ago to start in the car sales business. Our greatest achievement as a company has been being involved in community outreach. We try to help out where we can, whether it be through community service or donations. We recently relocated to our new facility in Nampa about two years ago, where there is room to grow. Our new facility is modern and more efficient and serves us and our customers well.

"We have been doing business with Bert McDowell and the Leather Doctor for over ten years. We like the company for the great work and service that they provide us."

Dick Scott

Commercial Home Furnishings


We opened Commercial Home Furnishings in 1953. The company began by selling TV's, but expanded our offering into a full line of quality appliances and furniture. We opened the La-Z-Boy store in 1998. CHF is known for excellent products and post-sale reliability with a full service department managed by Stefanie Glendenning.

One of our biggest accomplishments has been the well-trained staff that we have on hand. At our store, we provide experts in furniture, appliances and electronics. Next year we plan to transform the La-Z-Boy store into Gen-X (Next Generation). It will still carry the La-Z-Boy brand, but we plan to completely remodel the store and gallery.

"We have been working with Bert for a long time. He is a great guy, always prompt and making sure that everything is taken care of. We call Bert when we have a job that is beyond our technicians' ability and he is always willing to help where he can."

Larry Kapuski

Bronco Motors Nissan


Bronco Motors was founded in 1971 by Grant Petersen, Sr. Through much hard work, Grant developed Bronco Motors into a premier, independent dealership and established a reputation for putting customers first. Grant Sr. was a creative, innovative people person who loved his family, employees and customers. In 1996, Grant Jr. took over the business and has subsequently opened Bronco Motors Hyundai and Bronco Motors Nissan.

The future looks bright for Bronco Motors Nissan as they plan to expand their business and pursue new opportunities. They continue to strive for an enjoyable workplace for their employees. Additionally, Bronco Motors Nissan will be opening a state of the art dealership in Nampa. It will be located near the Idaho Center, exhibit a large showroom and be more centrally located to better service customers.

Brian Mitchell is the General Manager of Bronco Motors Nissan and has worked for Grant for over 20 years. They started doing business with Bert McDowell in 2003. Brian is pleased with the work that Doug, one of McDowells Service Technicians, performs on their vehicles. Brian says, "I would take 20 Doug's," adding, "McDowells always does what they say they are going to do and we are never disappointed with the work they perform."

Brian Mitchell

Dale's Auto Sales


I learned the used car business from the ground up starting in 1967 as a lot attendant. I quickly graduated to sales because of my love for helping people. In 1969, I was promoted to Sales Manager for the largest Chevrolet dealer in Idaho. Three years later, in August of 1972, I was able to open Dale's Auto Sales. I feel that the greatest achievement in my life is raising my family. I have such fun interacting with them! It is also an achievement to have stayed in business this long, serving the public and making people happy.

We don't have any definite plans for the near future.

However, I would like to move to a bigger and better location to increase the selection of cars and to better serve our customers.

"I started dealing with Bert McDowell in September of 2002. We have found Bert and his employees to be very reasonable and able to produce excellent work at a fair price. I have had the best experiences with Bert's son, Nate. He is always here when we need him and able to do great work. Nate has an awesome personality and we love having him around!"

Dale Durham

Allan Marsh Travel Center


"I have been in the auto business for thirty years and have known Allan Marsh since we were kids. We grew up together and became good friends. When he opened his shop, I decided to lend a hand.

I believe that one of the greatest achievements of Allan Marsh Travel Center has been providing excellent customer service, leaving our customers feeling happy and satisfied with the sales person, company and product. One of our greatest challenges has been effectively operating three separate businesses as one: a car, boat and RV lot. However, at the present time, our company is very satisfied with our size and location and would like to continue to accommodate our customers needs.

I have been doing business with McDowells for over a year. Bert and his employees are known throughout our company for their quality service and punctuality. They are considerate and courteous, calling ahead to let us know when they will be arriving on our lot. This helps us immensely and we appreciate the work they do."

Gary Brown