Headlight Restoration

Both safety and aesthetics come into play when you’re driving with foggy scratched and oxidized headlights on your vehicle. While foggy headlights make vehicles look older and less appealing, they also contribute to reduced visibility for the driver and others on the road. When your car’s headlights are new, the factory applies a protective coating over the polycarbonate plastic lenses. This coating performs extremely well for years, but over time, due to the exposure of the sun’s UV rays and everyday wear and tear, the coating wears off, exposing the plastic to the environment and road hazards. Your headlights become cloudy, faded and yellowed, actually reducing the optical illumination necessary to see safely. There are many products that claim to restore your headlights but they only offer a temporary polished solution. McDowells offers a headlight restoration solution that comes with a lifetime warranty. We will give your headlights a crystal clear protective finish with excellent durability to scratches, road debris and resistance to chemicals, that will last for many years. McDowells headlight restoration services will return the headlights on your car or truck to their former condition and increase both the appearance and resale value of the vehicle. McDowells technicians are trained to restore headlights to their former brightness, often in the span of just a few hours. It’s like a Lasik treatment for your car!

Headlight Restoration & Repair

Restoration Benefits

  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Resale value
  • Long lasting
  • Clear coated protective finish
  • Lifetime warranty

There are many DIY headlight polishing kits out there but they are expensive and do not last for long. McDowells puts in the time and uses the correct tools to make sure that your headlights stay clear for years to come.

Restoration Process

Here at McDowells we never do a job halfway. A lot of companies that promise headlight restoration don’t go though the extensive process of doing a deep polishing and applying proper coating to the plastic. We make sure that our process gives your vehicle clear sight for years to come.

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