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Car Interior Integrity

Your car’s interior is an important place that if well taken care of and maintained can help hold its value. In a perfect world, your interior would be indestructible and childproof. Luckily there are professionals out there that know how to revive and clean your...

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Updating the Workplace With New Upholstery

With school resuming session it’s hard to forget that fall is just around the corner. Those regularly scheduled appointments and reservations will fill up sooner rather than later. For those of us that are business owners, we know it is incredibly important to put our...

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Window Tinting for Protection

Over the years, we have all recounted on those summer stories of sunny days and sunburns. At one point or another, we’ve forgotten to reapply that sunscreen after jumping in the pool, falling asleep in the hammock, or taking just too long of a car ride with the top...

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Idaho Auto Shows – Summer 2019

In Idaho, there exist many small pockets of dedicated fans. Regardless of their specific niche, Idahoans represent a unique collection of individuals that are especially committed to their interests. In the world of automobiles, Idaho actually has a fairly substantial...

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