Summer is all fun and games until your boat starts to show how much fun you’ve had. No one wants a rundown boat. Here are a few tips to help maintain the appearance of your beautiful boat and to prevent recreational repair. That being said, it is recommended to consult the professionals when dealing with boat repairs due to the lasting problems that can be caused by exposure to water.

Keep it Dry

Let’s face it, it’s hard to keep a boat dry when it is constantly surrounded by water. That is why it is important to dry it after use, especially the interior and at the end of the season.
Moisture creates mold, morning dew creates mildew, and saltwater creates corrosion. Persisting mold, mildew, or corrosion will cause the need to replace components of the boat, such as the carpet, vinyl, or other fabrics. By simply wiping off moisture when you see it, you can maintain the appearance of your boat for longer. It is recommended that you keep a few towels on the boat to dry up moisture after each outing. Drying the boat when removing it from the water is also recommended to prevent corrosion and water lines.

Protect and Clean it

Regularly protecting and cleaning your boat can maintain the appearance for longer. This will also protect it from mold and rust. There are regular preventative measures that can be taken in order to avoid these consequences.

Clean it

Washing your boat down with a mild solution will kill and prevent future mold. A light mixture of common white vinegar can kill mold spores without damaging protective coatings. Nonabrasive sponges with a general-purpose boat soap and water solution will remove dirt and salt from most surfaces.

Protect it

Protective wax and fabric protectant will prevent future problems. Protective waxes can seal surfaces in order to prevent oxidation. Sealing wood surfaces can improve the longevity of your boat and help to avoid the need for wood repair. Marine designed fabric protectants can protect furniture and other materials from requiring repair as well.

Repair it Immediately

Taking action immediately can prevent persisting problems or serious damage to your boat. When a problem does occur, it is important to seek boat repair as soon as possible. Frequent exposure to water will likely cause the need for fabric repair, wood repair, or boat furniture repair soon enough. This is when it becomes extremely important to take action. When dealing with mold and other damage from water, it is smart to consult the professionals in order to ensure you do not have a lasting problem.
Damage to your boat should never go unnoticed or untouched. If you ever have any hesitation in fixing damage to your boat, it is best to consult a professional. McDowells Specialty Repair has extensive experience in repairing the interior and exterior of boats

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