Automobile Dent - Upholstery Repair

Dent Repair
Whether it's a shopping cart ding or a damaged hood, McDowells can make it look like new again! We specialize in Paintless Dent Repair or, as it's commonly referred to, PDR. PDR is used to massage the metal back to it's factory finish without harming the paint. By gaining access behind the panel, we utilize stiff and flexible metal rods to reshape the ding or dent. This method is very effective and will save you more than half the price a body shop would charge. Our Technicians undergo a extensive training program which then allows them to produce the best possible results.

Interior Repairs
When it comes to interior auto work, McDowells has a reputation for being the best in the business. From minor tears, burns, extensive color restoration, or reupholstery you can rest assured that all of the repairs will be handled properly.

Leather Repairs
Has your leather seen better days? Our Leather services range from small scuffs, fading and cracks to large cuts, tears and holes. We are able to effectively repair and restore any of your motor vehicle components. Not only do we repair, but we also re-dye the area making it look like the problem never occurred. We also offer deep cleaning and complete conditioning of your leather. Watch as your problems fade away under the skilled hands of our professional technicians! Be sure to ask about our professional leather care products.

Vinyl Repair
It may seem impossible to repair, but it's not! Those holes and scratches can be repaired to look as though they never existed! Steering wheels, dash cracks, torn door panels, seat holes, arm rests, center consoles and rear hatch compartment hard plastic are all repairable.

Fabric Repairs
A cigarette burn or fabric fraying? Maybe a hole or two? No worries! There are very few things that we at McDowells can't fix when it comes to fabric! Whether it's torn, ripped, burned or stained, we can offer you superior results of consistent quality for a fraction of the price you would pay to replace it.

Carpet Repairs
Carpets take the most abuse in our vehicle. Stains, bleached spots, burns and tears, you name it, carpets take it! Don't let that get you down! Simply cleaning the carpets in your car can produce a very dramatic and noticeable change! McDowells can restore, re-dye and repair any carpet as well as deodorize unwanted odors! Bring in your vehicle and leave with a whole new look!