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Specialty Repairs Boise

McDowells Specialty Repair is proudly serving the Boise area with an abundant amount of services. You can enjoy the city of Boise in style and comfort.

We bring more value to your furniture, car, and recreational needs with our ability to quickly and efficiently get the job done. McDowells comes fully stocked with the right equipment and the right crew for all car and furniture upholstery repair.

Here are the services in Boise we provide: Furniture repair, Auto Body Exterior Repair, Auto Interior Repair, Recreational Repair

Boise Dent Repair

Maneuvering the city’s tight roads and even tighter parking spots, you may find some aggravating dents that weren’t there before. We use a special method called paintless dent repair so that you can keep the money in your pockets without sacrificing the quality of your vehicle’s paint. We also service your vehicles interior, so that you are comfortable not only with the outside but also the inside. Since McDowells is Treasure Valley’s leading PDR company, you know you’re receiving the highest quality of service! Don’t neglect your car, bring it back to life with our various repair options!

Auto Body Exterior Repair

  • Paint Chip/Scratch Repair
  • Tint
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Dent Repair

Auto Upholstery and Interior Repair

  • Leather Repair
  • Vinyl Repair
  • Fabric Repair
  • Seat Heaters

Mobile Specialty Repairs Boise

Are you looking for a shop where you can have your upholstery repaired and dyed the right color? What about a shop that also treats your car’s chips and dents? Look no further than McDowells Specialty Repairs. 

We have years of training and experience so that our clients are receiving top-notch service.

Our specialty repairs consist of: Furniture Repair, Auto Body Exterior Repair, Auto Interior Repair, and Recreational Repair.

Furniture Repair

Worn out furniture and scuffed floors can easily add age to your home. Give it a face-lift by having McDowells color match and repair your furniture. We have worked with antiques for years, so we won’t jeopardize the quality of your antique furniture pieces. McDowells technicians are specially trained in repairing all kinds of upholstery and wood materials.

McDowells will fix any broken chair legs and joints that have seen better days. After years of use your furniture and flooring can begin to show signs of wear and tear. Have us repair these signs so your place can look as nice as it did when you first moved in. 

Even for you and your furry friends, we are ready to help with the damage the puppy years can bring. We all know that your animals don’t just focus on the fabric of your furniture when getting restless, however. We can also handle repair projects for damaged wood and vinyl repairs restoring things to a wonderful condition. We aid in the blending of surfaces so that you can come home to a smooth platform for your everyday use. Even when renting in Boise, we are here to make sure you live in a place that feels like home.

When you are out and about all day, there is nothing more satisfying than coming home and relaxing on your comfy couch. However, if you’re coming home to a damaged piece of furniture, relaxing might be a little more challenging. No matter the material McDowells can provide leather and fabric upholstery in the Boise area.

Recreational Vehicle Repair

With a busy city like Boise, our motorcycle seat repair will have you back up and running so that your commute or weekend ride is as comfortable as you want. Even with the compact nature of motorcycles, you may still find careless drivers scratching and denting your ride. At McDowells it’s no problem to fix that right up for you, no matter the motorcycle manufacturer.

You should take pride in your possessions, and boats are a statement piece that deserves to be maintained and refinished. Before taking your friends out on a joy ride, give them a reason to envy you. The only thing that should make you sweat is the sun, not the condition on your boat. If you’ve run into trouble with sun-damaged leather or crazy kayakers denting your boat, McDowells offers a plethora of boat repair options catered to any specific need inside and out.

Not only are people camping in their RVs, but some are also living in them and traveling the world. Your quality of camping and living should not be subject to torn cushions and worn headliners. When wanting to maximize your experience, having the necessary repairs will make all the difference. Camping or cross-country traveling, you should not let the looming repairs put a damper on your plans. McDowells can provide RV repair in Boise before you head out on your adventures.

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