Your car’s interior is an important place that if well taken care of and maintained can help hold its value. In a perfect world, your interior would be indestructible and childproof. Luckily there are professionals out there that know how to revive and clean your upholstery so that the stains and tears are a thing of the past. Here are a few insights into how professionals clean and repair your auto upholstery.

Big Pieces

Taking out the big pieces of clutter that are hiding under your seats make a huge difference when examining your car. Crumpled bags and water bottles are an eye-sore and only cover up more problems that may be in your car. The first step is always removing the big pieces.
Your carpets may be stained from spills and other liquids that have made their way in. A heavy-duty solution is used to clean your carpet so that all the grease and dirt can be lifted. The scrubbing takes some elbow-grease, so having a professional deep clean your interior to get all the nooks and crannies would be the most time-efficient option. The tools needed for carpet cleaning go farther than a rag and some water, professionals can be found using special vacuums or shop vacs, shampoo solutions, degreasers, and special scrubbing brushes.

Cracks & Fades

It is common for leather upholstery to crack and fade. A deep cleaning using leather cleaner will lay the foundation when tackling tears, cracks, and rips. Your upholstery professional will then use a series of fillers and pads to cure the damage. Heat is applied to make sure everything is dry and ready for sanding to smooth out the surface. You will also need to have your leather dyed the correct color, so you can think of your upholstery repair specialist as a mixologist when finding a match.

The process can be time-consuming depending upon the extent of damage, and there are several tools needed. A professional is best equipped to do the job quickly and effectively since they are a centralized place for all your auto interior repair needs.

Beyond Repair

Some rips and tears are beyond fillers and pads. If this is the case, then you get to customize your next option. Reupholstering your car’s interior sounds like a money drain and is a scary decision, but if you remember how often you use the interior of your car; then it is worth considering. Car reupholstery options are abundant and can give your car the makeover it needs. Instead of constantly having to repair, you start with a clean slate. Some of the options of auto upholstery you can choose from are:

  • Vinyl
  • Faux Leather
  • Leather
  • Brushed Nylon
  • Suede

High Quality Option

McDowells is a specialty repair company that offers the option to have Katzkin Leather in your car. Not only is this material durable, but it can also help your resale value. With over 120 colors to choose from, you receive an open invitation for customization. For high-quality leather that is easy to clean, then consider what McDowells has to offer.

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