Creating a DIY living space adds a personal touch to any home. The first step is to get inspired by looking at online crafting websites or reading blogs to get ideas. There are multitudes of inspirational platforms that will help you decide what craft you want to start with. This can be anything from furniture or home decor. Once you have chosen your then pick a project, it’s time to get the process started!

Finding Inspiration

When crafting DIY furniture or decor for your home, it is important to search the web for various crafting websites to find inspiration for your home! There are thousands of sites on the web to choose from. Some of the most popular crafting websites are Pinterest and Ana White.

Utilizing Pinterest

Pinterest has so much to discover! It is the perfect way to connect with people across the globe as they share their tips, tricks and ideas on a variety of topics-one of the most popular being DIY. You can explore everything from repairing couches, refurbishing chairs, modernizing desks and refinishing tables.
Pinterest gives you a variety of out of the box techniques to modify or build items for your home–if you know where to look. Make sure to “pin” your favorite posts so that you can easily refer and find the linked page later.

Ana White

Ana White is a blogger and craftsman who posts content on YouTube. She also has her own furniture website where she creates and designs quality pieces for home interiors. If you are interested in building a certain item, her detailed instructions and step-by-step videos will make your project come together easier.

Craft the Perfect Chair

When it comes to redesigning/crafting your chair, a great advantage is that you get to decide on a fabric, paint, design, details, or style. Be creative, be bold, and don’t be afraid to mix and match designs. Keep these tips in mind when making a DIY chair:

  • Make sure it gives you support to hold you up
  • Protect your floor
  • Comfort is important

Support is important to make sure your chair has the strength to hold you up, especially when it’s something you use every day. Proper leveling and weight distribution is important to make sure you dont fall off or break your chair.

Make sure to protect your floor by adding chair glides or furniture pads to the bottom of each leg. This will prevent the bottom of the chair legs from leaving behind scratchmarks.

In order to properly enjoy a chair that you have crafted, it should be both comfortable and well crafted. To make it comfortable, consider adding cushions or soft fabrics.

Turning An Old Table New

Kitchen tables are prone to spills and stains. Before you invest in a brand new table, consider contacting a handyman or crafting one yourself. If you choose to be bold and craft one yourself, you can find multiple ideas online if you visit any crafting or home furniture websites. If you are going for a traditional look, some table materials would include:

  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel

Each of these materials have their pros and cons. Some things to consider when choosing your main materials are their lifetime, how easy they are to clean, and how well they match your house.

Wood gives your table some additional character while still keeping a modern look. However, it is vulnerable to water, which could be an issue when using wood in the kitchen or other water-prone areas.

Glass tables are easy to clean and generally very durable. On the downside, they do not hide fingerprints or scratches very easily, therefore they need to be cleaned often.

Stainless steel tables are easy to clean and resistant to water, stains, and heat which is a perfect sign for kitchen use. Its one downside is that it scratches easily.

A Perfectly Crafted Couch

Your couch is often the focal point of a room, so you want to make sure it looks nice. You may ask yourself “which is better: leather or fabric?

Both of these materials have the potential to make your living space beautiful, but both have their pros and cons.

Leather vs Fabric

Many people find leather couches elegant and sleek, though, they can be considered less comfortable. Additionally, if you have allergies, leather sofas are the way to go given that they are hypoallergenic and easy to clean from stains.

Although it is easy to clean, scratches are very visible. If you have a dog or pets that like to go on the furniture, this might not be a good sign.
Fabric sofas give you more possibilities for design. If you have a plain room and are looking for that “pop,” fabric is a good option for you. Plus, most people find that fabric is more comfortable and budget-friendly. Although it tends to be less expensive, it requires special cleaning and may need replacement more often depending on use. Make sure to consider all of these things when taking on this craft.

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