• Holes
  • Scratches
  • Tears
  • Punctures
  • Busted Seams
  • Sun Fade
  • Animal Damage
  • Soilage

McDowells leather upholstery repair is superior to all others in the Treasure Valley. We smooth down cracks, sew up holes and re-dye the leather to its original color. Our skilled technicians can recondition your leather to bring it back to that soft feel you had when you bought it. 

Home & Office 

  • Office Chairs
  • Power Recliner
  • Motors
  • Swivel Mechanism
  • Pull Cord

McDowells can repair or replace broken mechanisms in many of your favorite home and office items. We'll have your recliner, couch or office chair working as good or better than before. Can't make it in? No worries, many of these types of repairs can be done with our mobile team coming to your location. 

Accessories & More

  • Belts; Leather, Cloth
  • Shoes; Boots, Pumps, Sandals: Leather, Vinyl 
  • Purses: Leather, Vinyl, Cloth 
  • Jackets, Coats, Vests and Chaps
  • Luggage, Brief Cases, Totes & More

Our team of skilled experts are up to the task of refurbishing, repairing or redying that accessory you can't leave the house without!


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Our technicians have years of experience and have done thousands of on-site repairs. As a result, McDowells can repair and restore practically any damaged wood surface. Below are some of the wood repairs we do.

Water Rings

Crushed / Broken / or Missing Corners

Bleached Wood Finish




Finger Nail Polish Damage

Broken Joints

 Shipping or Delivery Damage

Broken Drawer Gliders

Broken / Split Legs / Custom Spindles 

Lifting Veneers

Antique Restoration

Frame Repair

Instrument Repair (surface only)


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With our mobile service, we can do most repairs at your home or office for your convenience. In some instances, the furniture may need to be brought to our shop.

Upholstery Repair

  • Cuts
  • Holes
  • Rips/Tears
  • Cracks
  • Burns
  • Cleanings
  • Panel Replacements
  • Stitching

 Our team delivers excellent repairs that amaze anyone who does business with McDowells. Our Technicians are trained experts who have the creativity and precision needed to keep our customers happy.

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  • Furniture Restoration
  • Design Consulting

At McDowells you can choose from thousands of fabrics from all over the world and custom restyle upholstered furniture, boats, and automobiles. Why shop at Ikea when you can design your dream ideas! We love a new challenge and we love our customers! Click below to find out approximately how much fabric you will need for your ideal project.

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  • Soil
  • Fur
  • Sand
  • Stains & Blemishes
  • Food Crumbs
  • Dust & Pollen
 Having your upholstery cleaned by McDowells will extend the life of your furniture. Our technicians will have your mattress, sectional, love seat, and more looking and feeling fresh!

Keep in mind that our technicians are mobile and all our work is guaranteed!


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