You can get a feel for the environment of a restaurant just by walking inside for the first time. Between the decorations on the walls, furniture designs and arrangements, and the employees and customers in the restaurant, it’s easy to get an impression of what your dining experience may be like. What most restaurant owners don’t realize, though, is how much furniture choice can impact their customers’ experience with the restaurant.


Whether you’re in the planning stages of opening up a new restaurant or just trying to breathe a little more life into your current location, paying special attention to your furniture is a must. Can you recall a time that you sat in an uncomfortable booth made only of wood or looked over while you were eating and saw rips in the upholstery? While it may seem like a small fix at the bottom of the to-do list to you, it’s observations like these that tend to stick with customers even after they’ve paid the bill.

Small Details Matter

Customer experience and satisfaction is a top priority for every restaurant, but many restaurant owners forget that an experience is built from the little details. You want your customers to feel comfortable and welcome while they’re there, so it’s important to give attention to the place they’ll spend most of their time: at the table.

What Are the Options?

Normal wear and tear is expected from restaurant furniture as tables are consistently turned over night after night. But what can you do once that wear and tear starts to become more noticeable? For most restaurants and businesses, scraping the entire piece of furniture and replacing it is too costly of an option, but McDowells’ team of furniture experts can help! We specialize in restaurant furniture and upholstery repair and can get any old, worn-down pieces looking brand new again.
If your old-school diner has vinyl booths and barstools that have seen better days, our state-of-the-art process will give them their texture back with popping colors that match the color scheme. If your whiskey bar has faded, cracking leather chairs, our skilled technicians can smooth out the cracks and recondition the leather to give it that soft feel and original color like it was when you bought them.

Try Something New

Maybe the furniture in your restaurant is still in decent condition, but it’s not fitting as well with the overall theme you’re going for anymore. If that’s the case for you, reupholstery is the best way to go. At McDowells, we carry a wide variety of materials, colors, and patterns that can be used to give your furniture a new look and feel that is sure to “wow” your customers.

Why McDowells?

We bring decades of training and experience to every job we do. Chances are that whatever problem you’re having with your furniture, we’ve seen it before and know exactly how to fix it up like new again. Even if you are experiencing mechanism issues such as barstools not spinning correctly or booths losing their spring, our talented team can probably repair it! We would love to hear about your furniture needs, so give us a call or visit our website to get a quote.

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