Don’t you just love the feeling of driving off the lot in your brand new vehicle? This feeling can last forever when the appearance of your vehicle is maintained. Remember the “CPR” for your vehicle: Clean, Protect, Repair!

Maintain The Interior

The first step to extending that “like new” feeling comes from maintaining the interior of your car.


It is important to keep the interior of your car dirt and debris free. The longer it sits in your car, the more damage it can cause to your upholstery, leathers, vinyls, and other surfaces. By taking some time out of your day every couple of months, you can prevent the need for auto interior repair.


Although leather seems like the safest option for the interior or a car since it is resistant to stains and daily wear and tear, if it is not properly cleaned leather will lose its natural oils, become stiff, and crack. The same goes for other surfaces on the interior of an automobile.


In order to maintain the interior of your car, it is essential that you repair damage as soon as it happens, as letting problems persist creates worse damage. For example, if you notice your leather seats becoming cracked or worn, avoiding the issue will only make it worse, possibly beyond repair. That is why it is important to invest in auto leather repair as soon as possible to stop the problem from extending. Unresolved damage to upholstery, vinyl, fabric, or other surfaces can lead to further damage if not repaired quickly.

Maintain Auto Exterior

To complete the “new car” appearance, you can’t forget about the exterior!


The longer dirt, grime, oil, etc. remains on the exterior of your vehicle, the duller your paint becomes. Keeping your vehicle clean helps the paint to stay a vibrant color and shine. Whether you wash your car yourself or take it to a car wash, it is important to have regular washes to ensure that all dust, dirt, and other damaging substances are completely removed. This prevents the need for maintenance and other auto exterior repair as often.


A variety of products such as waxes and protectants can be used in order to maintain the exterior of your car. Although your car’s paint does have a clear coating on it, sun, rain, and snow will eat through that protective layer. Therefore, it is recommended that you wax your car at least twice a year to provide an extra layer of protection against weathering. Another benefit of waxing your car is that it also restores the shiny finish to your vehicle’s paint job. Always use a wax designed for your vehicle’s type of paint.


Regular detailing and touch-ups help to maintain the exterior of your car. By taking it to a repair service regularly, they can tackle dent and paint repair along with fixing any other damage in order to ensure your car is looking brand new. Auto exterior repair revives your car and helps to avoid future damage. Something as simple as a paint chip can persist and create a bigger problem for the exterior of your car. That is why it is important to invest in auto exterior repairs as soon as possible after the damage is spotted. Advances like paintless dent repair make it easier than ever to keep your car in great shape!
Repair services are always willing to help you out in maintaining the perfect appearance of your vehicle. Consult McDowell’s Specialty Repairs today to get your car looking brand new!

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