If you drive an older car, you may already know the struggle of having an interior that seems to be falling apart. Whether that might be holes or tears in your driver seat, cracks in your dashboard, or nasty stains in the carpet, none are fun to drive with. If you drive a new car you might not know these struggles, but just know it’s not something you want to deal with. To save you from this problem, the auto interior experts at McDowells have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep the interior of your car looking brand new. Check it out!

Window Tint and Shades

One thing that can help you immensely when looking to protect the interior of your car is investing in window tint as well as a windshield shade for parking. The sun can take a serious toll on your interior, especially if you have leather seats. The leather can fade, dry out, or even crack. We unfortunately see this type of damage regularly, mostly on seats and dashboards.
When you have window tint installed, it minimizes the amount of sun that can get through and damage your interior. There are varying levels of tint you can get, each level protecting your car from worse to better from the sun but also making it more difficult to see. Another good solution is a sunshade that you can put in the windshield when you’re parked. Since the law prohibits you from tinting your windshield as dark as you please, this legal option will help preserve your dashboard for much longer.

Seat Covers

One sure way to protect your seat upholstery completely is to invest in some seat covers. While they may not be as pretty as the original seats in the car, you’ll never have to worry about getting your seats reupholstered. It’s a lot cheaper and much easier to just replace a set of seat covers than it is to redo the upholstery. Not only this, but seat covers also make it much easier to clean your seats. You can bring in as much mud and dirt as you’d like then take off the covers to wash them!

Consistent Cleaning

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is often overlooked and can make a huge difference in preventing damage to your interior. A lot of times, if you leave dirt or crumbs on the floor or in the seats of your car, you’ll end up grinding them into the material. This can leave stains, or in the case of a rock being ground into the seat, it could cause rips and tears. If you give your car a weekly vacuuming to remove any dirt and rocks, it will help keep it in better condition overall.

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