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Specialty Repairs Kuna

Not sure who to call for minor repairs and other kinds of specialty repairs? Well, McDowells Specialty Repair is your one-stop-shop for all your torn cushions, vehicle scratches & dents, motorcycle seat repairs, and more. Give McDowells Specialty Repair a call for a more centralized place to service your needs. We care about all of our customers in the Treasure Valley, this includes our Kuna business owners and residents. There is no stress when trusting us with your possessions because we come highly equipped and well trained to repair upholstery, dents, and other special requests. Our specialty repair services consist of: Furniture Repair, Auto Body Exterior Repair, Auto Interior Repair, and Recreational Repair.

Furniture Repair Kuna

Kuna is not a long drive for us if it means putting a smile on our customers’ faces. With that said, don’t make the constant back and forth trips, we will come to you! Don’t worry about hauling your furniture and recreational vehicles into the city. Let us take the weight off of your shoulders and provide our services for you in Kuna. We specialize in a variety of material repairs so if you have a combination of any of the following, we can fix it!

With the Idaho growth rate increasing rapidly, Kuna is bound to have some major business developments headed that way. For all of our business owners and residents who have been in the Kuna area for quite some time, we care about the quality and appearance of your property. Don’t let the new developments keep you from wanting to freshen up your place. Let us bring the charm back into your home and workplace.

  • Leather
  • Vinyl & Fabric
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Wood
  • Medical
  • Restaurant
  • Furniture Mechanisms

Auto Repair Kuna

Exterior Auto Repair

There’s no need to go to a dealership or auto body shop for your scratches and dents, your vehicle could be sitting there for days before it is serviced. McDowells can do most of our repairs in just a few hours! In no time your vehicle will be looking as good as new. The scratches and dents will be taken care of so your vehicle can gain a few years back in appearance. Using our special methods of Sprayless Scratch Repair & Paintless Dent Repair, we smooth out the dents and scratches without costing you a fortune, and without adding harmful fumes to the air we breathe too.

Interior Auto Repair

If you’ve had the pleasure of owning a pet or having a child then you know what joy they can bring to your life, and what damages can ensue on the interior of your vehicle. At McDowells Specialty Repair we are trained professionals that are aware of the different kinds of damages that come with sharing your space. Luckily for you, we are ready to service all areas that are prone to damage and ensure your auto interior is a comfortable place for you to be in. Save your money and vehicle by having us service both your auto interior and exterior.

Auto Body Exterior Repair

  • Paint Chips/Scratches
  • Window Tint
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Dents

Auto Upholstery and Interior Repair

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Fabric
  • Seat Heaters

Recreational Repair Kuna

Kuna has beautiful long farm roads with stellar sunset views, making it the perfect spot for long motorcycle rides. Don’t let your motorcycle seat keep you from enjoying the wind on your face. McDowells will have you sitting pretty in no time. If you have an RV or boat we service that too. If anything, let our experts come and help restore your possessions back to their glory days. You’ll be wanting to get back out on the road or lake after you see what we can do for you. At McDowells we strive to make your experience with us stress-free and quick, which is why we specialize in a multitude of recreational repairs.
Whether it’s with your loved ones, or alone, you should feel a sense of pride when being in your recreational vehicle. Before the damage gets worse, let us help you gain back the confidence to show off your ride. McDowells will bring life back to the exterior and interior of your vehicles. More value is gained through proper repair and upholstery by McDowells Specialty Repair.

  • RV Interior Repair
  • Boat Repair
  • Motorcycle Seat Repair
  • Motorcycle Dent/Scratch Repair

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