Making Your Old House Into a New Home

After a certain period of time, your home will be in need of some repairs and remodeling. Paint will need touch-ups, furniture will become worn, and the lights will get dull. No matter the size of your home, replacing and repairing items on your property can be a long process.
Luckily, with the help of the experts at McDowells Specialty Repairs, an old home can become as good as new.

Lighten Up Your Basement

The basement of a home can be used for a variety of different purposes. There are numerous opportunities for this room as you go about remodeling your home.
Some common uses include:
Game room
Informal living room
Home theater
Storage room
Workout room

For a game room, we suggest including a flat-screen tv, pool table, foosball table, or pinball machine. A comfy couch and recliners for seating is a must for both game rooms and home theaters.
Workout rooms are also very common, especially in busy cities where transportation to the gym could be a hassle.
Popular home gym equipment includes a treadmill, elliptical, bicycle, a set of weights, and a space to stretch.
Basements are known to be darker rooms due to a lack of windows, but this isn’t something light fixtures can’t fix!
With the right supplies, you can install them yourself or contact a qualified handyman to do the job.

Picking the Perfect Paint

The perfect paint will depend on which room in the home you are fixing up.
Considering that the wall is the main feature of any room, a space with fewer windows usually tends to include bolder shades of color. On the contrary, rooms with natural light tend to have lighter or brighter color tones. There are many colors of paint to choose from to accomplish the look you want!

Living Room Paint and Design

Between family gatherings, hosting local events, or spending quality time with friends- the living room is the perfect space to entertain. This can sometimes be the biggest project during the remodeling process, which is why most people hire the services of a handyman to help get the job done.
The most common colors for a living room are

Grey and beige are subtle colors that will go well with almost any decor. Green, blue, and black are more unique, but can add a nice splash of color to any room!

Exterior Paint and Design

Common paint trends for the home exterior include dusty charcoals, muted pastels, and creamy whites.
Using the door to add a pop of color to your home is also very popular.
Adding character to the exterior of your house through the use of siding and wood has become more frequent over the years. These materials will come at a higher cost, but it will be worth it to get the perfect look that you and your family are searching for.

Siding should last around 20-40 years with low maintenance. The average cost of siding is around $12 per square foot.
However, costs can range up to $50 per square foot depending on the type of material, so it is important to contact several handyman companies to compare prices of installation. Since siding lasts a long time, you will not need to worry about a replacement service very often.

Wood comes at a lower cost and is often used for the walls or roof of a home. This type of roof can last between 15-30 years.In the event that you notice you have a leaky roof, be sure to contact a handyman as soon as possible so they can fix the holes to prevent further water damage. A small leak can turn into a larger issue if not taken care of immediately.

Cooking up the Perfect Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important features in home repairs or home remodeling, as many family dinners are hosted here.
There are many different appliances such as the sink, garbage disposal, drain, countertops, and refrigerator to take care of when redoing the kitchen. Although it seems like a lot to do, it is a fun project nonetheless. Aside from the repairing aspect, remodeling is the exiting part where you get to pick out paints, accent colors, backsplashes, cabinetry, and decor!

To find inspiration on what look you want to achieve, research popular design websites such as Pinterest, HGTV, and Instagram.
For example, if you happen to have a window in your kitchen, you can use the color pop technique for the outline. If your kitchen does not have a lot of natural light, statement lights would be a great addition.
Hiring the right company to conduct these services and fix what’s broken is very important.

Luxury Laundry Room

The laundry room is often forgotten, as it is typically kept in good condition.
In general, as long as the machines are not broken and in need of repair, there is not much to do in this room. To make it feel new, you can add extra cabinets and drawers for more organization, or some new flooring in the remodeling process of your home.

Making your Bathroom Beautiful

In many homes, there are multiple bathrooms that may need to be touched up a bit.
Poor water pressure is a sign that your pipes need repair or the toilet needs repair. Any qualified handyman will have the right tools to fix any drain, toilet, or pipe.
After determining what needs repair, picking out a design or paint color is the best part! Since this room does not always have the most natural light, we recommend adding additional light fixtures or paint that is lighter in color.

Finalizing your dream home

Conducting an entire home remodel comes with its challenges, but it sure is a memorable process! It can take what seems to be forever. However, the end result is always worth it.
Make sure to check out McDowells Specialty Repairs to get a free estimate on furniture upholstery and wood repairs, as well as expert services for your next auto repair!

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