We’ve all been there: a beloved genuine leather item looks a little worse from wear. While the material can be durable, it’s also susceptible to damage. Whether your beloved leather armchair has just faded with age, suffered pet damage, or you’ve made one of these common mistakes, never fear; we can probably fix that!

What Is Leather Repair?

There are a variety of types of leather repair. Over time, it’s not uncommon for leather to fade or crack. A skilled technician can mend holes, smooth cracks, and even dye the leather evenly back to its original glory. As leather ages, it can become dry, stiff, and uncomfortable; part of good leather repair is conditioning the leather so that it brings back the soft, smooth feel the material should have.

Should I Try To DIY Leather Repair At Home?

There are plenty of kits out there and websites that will tell you that you can…however, there is a misconception that a DIY kit is a suitable replacement for professional leather repair. Mending leather yourself is not easy and it is very time-consuming to do it the right way; there are a lot of things that can go wrong when you attempt to repair leather on your own. As an example: you may not be able to smooth out a patch in the way that you should, the dye for your leather may turn out splotchy and uneven, and you could even cause more damage in trying to repair the item yourself.

What Leather Items Can McDowells Repair?

If it’s damaged, McDowells’ team of professional leather repair experts can probably repair it! We specialize in:

  • Leather furniture repair (chairs, sofas, cushions, etc.)
  • Auto interior leather repair
  • Boat interior leather repair
  • RV interior leather repair
  • Commercial leather repair (medical office furniture, restaurant booths, etc.)

How Can I Upkeep My Leather Items After Repair?

To extend the time between needed repairs and to extend the life of your leather furniture, it is critical that you keep up with the correct cleaning and maintenance methods! There are products out there to help, and a good leather conditioner never hurts, but different types of leather require different techniques. As long as you keep up with routine cleanings and conditionings and do your best to avoid the common mistakes associated with leather furniture, you can keep your leather clean and beautiful to enjoy for years to come!

Ask The Leather Repair Experts

If you have a leather item that needs to be repaired, it really does make a difference when it is done by a professional. The team at McDowells can help!
If you’re looking for a quote on leather repair or have a specialty item that you’re wondering about, call us today!

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