With the arrival of the first snow, keeping warm becomes top priority.
Utility bills are a major concern for renters and homeowners alike. High bills caused by inefficiencies across a space can hurt your budget. Roommates squabble over the right temperature and homeowners scrutinize the thermostat to maintain a balance between a comfortable living space and affordable utilities. Luckily, there are several simple improvements you can make to lessen your home heating bills.
Coupled with the sticker shock, there’s also the concern of wasted energy and resources. Imagine pumping dollars of heat into a room, only to have it escape out an open window. McDowells is a practical solution to help implement improvements that will lead to cost savings over time.

Minor Repairs and Improvements Can Lead to Big Savings

Putting money into home efficiency improvements may come with an initial price, but the savings over time can be a real incentive. From new “smart” thermostats, to replacing exhausted filters, homeowners can find savings in lots of nooks and crannies.

Properly Seal Windows and Doors

Drafty rooms allow for heat to escape. After putting the money into raising a room’s temperature, allowing it to leak out unsealed windows and doors is counterproductive. Using a thermo gun to find draft and seal draft areas is extremely effective. Whether it is cracked caulking, single pane windows, or missing insulation, ensuring proper sealing in door and window jambs has a big payback.

Maintenance Water Heater and Faucets

Simple maintenance of your water heater can help you save money on the water heating bills. Additionally, installing an insulated sleeve around the outside of the water heater can save lots of energy and money over time.

Conduct HVAC Maintenance

Change your air filter regularly. Based on its usage, your HVAC filter should be replaced every three-months. Additionally, having your ductwork inspected can help identify other inefficiencies. Worn out filters and leaky ducts degrade system efficiency, costing you money.

Call For Professional Handyman Services

Whether your home requires filter replacements or new caulking for the window jambs, McDowells is the resource for these simple home improvements.
At McDowells Specialty Repair, our team can take care of the jobs around the house that will save you money over time. Our handyman services will help protect your pocket book, maintain energy usage and also make the long winter months cozier. Give us a call today!

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