A good rule of thumb is to clean your car whenever it looks dirty, especially for anyone residing in states that salt their roads or have a lot of dirt roads. Sometimes dirt can affect the paint on your car and cause it to degrade and even change color, which is why knowing these 4 tips can be an effective way to maintain your car’s exterior.

Touchless Car Wash

Especially in Idaho where the car washes look like a ride in a theme park, it can be very tempting to go through them to receive a thorough clean. Sometimes, however, the brushes from the machine are not cleaned after each and every car that goes through. This can cause unnecessary damage to your vehicle, and you may wind up at a dent and scratch repair shop. Going in for a basic clean should not result in more maintenance for your car. These 4 tips will make sure you are spending money where it is due.

1. Clearcoat Protector

You may find car detailing places using this treatment to protect your car’s paint from moisture, UV rays, and oxidation. Instead of having sprayed on wax from your typical drive-through car wash, consider spending a few extra bucks to have your car serviced with a clearcoat protector. The longevity of a car wash spray versus a more hands-on treatment is incomparable.

2. Undercarriage Wash

Once a season this is a great option to have done. It’s easy to pass up this option because you can’t always see the dirt and grime built up underneath. However, if you are wanting to maintain the entirety of your car, having this part pressure washed will aid in rust prevention and mud buildup.

3. Microfiber Towels

These towels should be the only kind used to clean off your car. They’re softer and more absorbent than regular rags. Going the extra mile to get a microfiber cloth can protect your car from scratches and paint chips. Microfiber cloths are specifically made to be as gentle as possible and not leave any fibers behind after drying your vehicle.

4. Headlights

If there is one thing typical car washes cannot clean, it is your foggy headlights. Lots of DIY products don’t cut it nowadays either. Getting your headlights restored will make all the difference and bring value back to your car. Headlight restoration involves extensive polishing and a proper protective coating to ensure that they maintain clarity and shine. Not only is it important for the appearance of your car’s exterior, but it will help keep you and your passengers safe on the road at night.

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