Sometimes investing a brand new vehicle just simply is not an option. Whether it is a decision based on finances, frugality, necessity, nostalgia, or just preference, sometimes updating a comfortable car can change how the car looks and feels for years to come. Smaller, more affordable updates can increase a vehicle’s utility, convenience, and luxury to the point where a new car just is not necessary. Considering new technology, upholstery, or damage management transforms not only the car’s capabilities but also improves its capacity as an asset.

Opportunities lie in external cosmetic alterations like tinting. However, incorporating internal elements into your auto update will provide a more tangible product in terms of your satisfaction. Simply, new rims can be a significant addition to a car and your personal satisfaction but don’t forget to invest in something that you might use more regularly that you might find on the inside of the vehicle because you’ll be interacting with those features much more often. Five great opportunities for an upgrade in your car are:

1. Carpeting

While not all of us are avid campers or experienced adventurers, the wear and tear that our vehicles carpeting sustains is an inevitable consequence of living our daily lives. Carpet stains may range from your niece’s or nephew’s spilled juice from the backseat, consequences of a rampant permanent marker, or just enduring dirt from weekend hikes in the foothills. Carpets act as a boundary between the outside world and your experiences, travels, and routines.

Regardless of how the damage happened, updating your carpeting from cleaning or replacement can have an immediate impact on the face value of your vehicle. Not only for your benefit but these enhancements can increase the weatherability of your vehicle with stronger, newer carpet fabrications.

2. Dashboard

Cracking, sun bleaching, or temperature warping all detract from the dashboard’s general appearance. Although, these things simply become a reality since our vehicles are typically a long term investment and dashboard corruption inevitably occurs over time. Now that it is summer though, these accessory elements become more important in our line of sight as well as more vulnerable to the unusually warm temperatures peaking in July and August.

It is important to remember that repairing or replacing the dash is a relatively inexpensive solution to improving the landscape of your vehicle interior. The dashboard is a relative indicator for the interior’s charm. When that base is damaged or maybe just not meeting expectations, the overall value of the vehicle can appear diminished. 

Caring for your dashboard benefits not only the look of the vehicle interior but also your experience as in the driver’s seat. Outdated or seasoned dashboards have a tendency to creak and crack further so make take time to just listen to the wind blowing through your window and not your dashboard squeaking after every bump.

3. Upholstery

You sit in your car. Your passengers sit in your car. Fido may even take a seat on the occasional (or daily) cruise. All sorts of loads and deliveries are made utilizing the seating in your vehicle. Sometimes, though, all of that traffic can impact the overall experience in your vehicle. Your vehicle’s personality is signified by its upholstery. Updating to leather or other durable alternatives can boost not only your comfort in the seat but your mindset. Plan the long road trip and rest easy knowing the ride will always be smooth with your new upholstery.

Every day, innovations and new technologies are rolled out. In the event that your vehicle does not seem to stand up to par but these options do not suit your interests, look into external upgrade prospects. While they may appear as insignificant aesthetic changes, small updates like the few listed above can dramatically enhance your everyday driving experience.

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