Remembering you left light on or your AC at 65 degrees isn’t too big of a deal when you’ll only be gone a few hours, but when you remember as you’re boarding a plane for a week long trip, it’s a different story. To help you avoid forgetting things like this and to make your life a little easier, we’ve put together some quick tips and tricks for you to keep in mind when you’re preparing for your next vacation!

Repairs While You Relax

We understand that everyone has busy schedules. If your vehicle has a dent, scratch, or damaged interior, it’s hard to find the time to get it fixed because you likely need your car every day! The only time it’s not a burden to leave your car at a repair shop? When you’re away on vacation!
This is why McDowells is now expanding our service areas to include the Boise Airport. If you have a trip coming up and want to get your car repaired while you’re gone, please let us know! For cars parked at the Boise Airport, we can send one of our mobile repair units out to do any exterior dent or scratch repairs so you come back from your vacation to a fixed car. Alternatively, you can drop your car off at our Boise location and we will give you rides to and from the airport.
Don’t trouble yourself with two trips; get your car repaired when it’s most convenient for you – when you’re not going to be driving it!

Make a Packing Checklist

The most basic, tried and true method to keeping yourself prepared is the good old checklist. While they are fairly simple to make, it’s important that you take your time when making these because it’s fairly common to miss the small things. You don’t want to end up far from home only to realize you forgot something like deodorant or contact lense solution. Starting a checklist about a week before you leave is a great way to ensure you have enough time to remember everything!

Consider a Home Management System

Fully-integrated smart home systems can cost a hefty chunk of change, but you can save a lot of that money by using separate systems connected to one main device. For example, there are smart systems that are made just for security purposes that can lock doors, turn on cameras, turn on lights, alert you of an intruder, etc. There are also smart thermostats that allow you to control your home or apartments temperature remotely.
If you are one of the people that have some of these systems, you can likely control them all from one device like an Amazon Alexa and your smartphone. Many people already have or are familiar with Amazon’s Alexa, but what they do not realize is that they can pair separate smart systems with them. These systems can be the Nest thermostat, Alert 360 home security system, or even the Alexa Smart Home. Installing one or more of these in your home will allow you to keep tabs on your home and control many features from a laptop or mobile device while you’re away!

Inform Your Neighbors and Family

Before you leave, don’t forget to tell a family member or a neighbor you trust that you are leaving and when you will be back. This way, you have someone to look out for your home, bring mail inside, and care for your pets or plants.

Vacation Prep 101: Passed!

Now that you have all of the tips to efficiently prepare for your trip, it’s time to kick back and relax! You’ll be able to enjoy your vacation knowing that your car repairs will be done by the time you get back with McDowells Boise Airport Dent & Upholstery Repair service, that you have all the items you need with you because of the checklist you made, and that your home is safe with neighbors, family, or a home management system!

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