With school resuming session it’s hard to forget that fall is just around the corner. Those regularly scheduled appointments and reservations will fill up sooner rather than later. For those of us that are business owners, we know it is incredibly important to put our best foot forward for our customers and clients. This includes making sure any office space updates align with the existing atmosphere of the space but provide a unique and comfortable experience for your business and customers.

Experiences Are Built On Details

While furniture should not be the main focus of any business, it can have a big impact on your return on investment. World Economic Forum teamed up with Tetrìs UK interior designer Neil Thomas to discuss workplace productivity and office design. Thomas mentioned, “When a client only sits on one chair and sees just one room of a five-floor building during a visit, their image of a company risks being somewhat limited. Whereas if you can show – and, in some cases, even host – that client, their experience will be more memorable and potentially lead-generating.”

Furniture For The Future

If customers and clients are comfortable and energized by their surroundings, they are more likely to return. This experienced comfort is a result of the office or business design they interact with. Furniture acts as the tangible representation of the overall design. So if the upholstery on your furniture is not meeting expectations, the customer experience drops as well.

Even in businesses that rely on referrals and recommendations rather than lead generation, the likelihood of a customer raving about your restaurant or service increases based on their positive experience in your booth, chair, or even the waiting room.

Upholstery Repairs or Upgrades

These positive experiences are the result of small but distinctive elements, much of which is credited to the furniture available to business patrons. When the furniture is not maintained or has just seen too many days, it can distract from the actually offering of your business. Instead of focusing on what else might not be upkept, patrons can focus on your offering in alignment with your mindfulness of customer comfort through restored furniture.

Leather, wood, vinyl, or fabric – there are repair and upholstery alternatives. Renewing the look and feel of your business will dramatically improve its overall success. Especially for medical upholstery and restaurant upholstery, the customer experience is quite literally built on the seats those patrons sit in.

Make the most of your business practices with updated and revived furniture and upholstery solutions, visit with the team from McDowells today.

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