Making any big purchase is exhilarating. When that purchase has to do with recreational or outdoor activities, the thrill is even greater.

Boating is one of the most popular summer activities in the northwest. In the Greater Boise Area, the neighboring reservoirs and lakes see quite a bit of recreational activity from these big toys. But they aren’t just toys – they are an investment. And, much like any investment, you want to maintain their high-performance capabilities with an attentive eye and unbeatable service.

Go to an Upholstery Repair Specialist

While some owners would argue there are simple maintenance tasks that can be done at home, the best way to keep your boat in the best shape is through the use of specialized repair technicians. In the world of upholstery, there can lie a huge distinction between auto and boat repairs. While the engines are entirely different, the same can be said for these vehicles’ upholstery and other aesthetic repairs. Additionally, boating has emerged as a wide and varied niche activity. So, naturally, the capacity of boats has increased as a result of newly developed technologies serving both comfort and utility. Not only do the materials for your repairs or updates matter but so does the craftsmanship of those removing, replacing, or installing these materials.

This basically means that attention to detail matters, regardless of whether it is your boat’s carpeting, seating, dashboard that needs tending to. Be sure to use a specialist with a background and education in marine upholstery repairs.

Know Your Needs

Whether you need a pre-season check up, damage repair, or an all-over makeover, be forthcoming with your mechanic. Our technicians want is meet all of your needs with the best possible service. However, in order to do that, we need open communication and preferably ample notice to accomplish those objectives so that you can get back to enjoying that quality time with friends and family on the water.

If you are unsure of whether or not your boat needs a check up or repairs, pay attention to it during your first few outings of boating season. In the same way cars need a soft warm up after not being driven for several months or years, boats also need a gentle first run on the water each season.This is because the shelf life of boats during the off-season can introduce some otherwise unexpected complications if taken to full capacity at the beginning of each season. Bringing your boat in for a check up as well as addressing any upholstery damages from off-season storage before its first outing will keep your boat smooth sailing from the get-go. For other signs to take your craft in for a check up, Boating Magazine’s Top Ten list expands on some of the most common glitches experienced by boat owners.

Update Your Aesthetic

If taken care of thoughtfully and consistently, your boat can last the test of time. However, there is only so much use that it can bare without the natural wear and tear of activity having an effect on the appearance of a boat. Upholstery is often the first thing to go, as is the case with cars, couches, etc. As mentioned earlier, there are improvements and developments being made every day to advance the utility and longevity of boating upholstery.

Water resistance has been remodeled and revised to better suit the needs of recreation upholstery as well as flooring, accessory paneling, and more. Not having to worry about all of the tears, peeling, cracking, or sun damage can drastically improve your experience while cruising around on the water this summer.

Finding the right people to assess the situation, resolve the problem, and complete all of this in a timely manner can seem like a chore but can make a world of difference. Whether you have urgent concerns or preference updates that you would like to address, be sure to the shop early while the long, summer days are still here for us to enjoy on the water.

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