There is little we can do to keep any of our summer toys in perfect condition. But why would you want to? Summer vehicles, appliances, and toys are meant to be taken out for a spin and enjoyed. That said, things happen—ripped upholstery, blown tires– and we certainly don’t want your investment in summer fun to become void.

For those of us that are motorcycle owners, we know that the summer weather and wear can have a much bigger impact on our rides than we think, especially on the upholstery, leather saddlebags and the motorcycle seat. We also know that it takes a special touch to keep your ride looking at its best, especially when things wear out over time.

Small maintenance efforts, both mechanically and aesthetically, can significantly extend the life of the motorcycle, so we’ve compiled a short list of the most important checklist items for motorcycle maintenance.

Practice Rides

Just like with a car, you shouldn’t take your bike out for long rides or extended travel immediately after a long stretch of it sitting in the garage. Taking your bike out for relatively short rides across a spectrum of both city and highway roads will help you test the waters and get your bike into peak performance before your weekend getaways or summer adventures.

Tire Condition

To keep your ride as durable as possible, we want to ensure that your tires are able to maneuver the road ahead. Your tires are also able to give you the best gas mileage possible. On top of that, the better they can absorb the pressure and uncertainty of the road, the less the body of your motorcycle is forced to. Ultimately, these both lead to extended longevity for the bike as well as your enjoyment on it!

Fluids and Filters

As many of us know, we should be checking our fluids regularly. The fluids in any motor vehicle are an immediate representation of its function and capacity. Keeping an eye on these will dramatically increase the lifetime of your motorcycle.

Body Repairs

The body of the vehicle is also incredibly important. There is significantly less external protection on a motorcycle than a car, as you can very well see. Because of this, small dents and scratches can also have a bigger impact on the motorcycle’s function. Of course, the severity of the impact is dependent on where the damage is. Many bikes see bigger dents on the gas tank just because of where that part is on the body of the vehicle. These dents can cause gas to leak so be sure to check with a local expert on motorcycle dent removal for your bike.

Upholstery Repair and Comfort Upgrades

Finally, no one wants to ride a bike that is just too worn out. We all do our best to keep our bikes in their best condition but sometimes, the originals just can’t (and shouldn’t) be saved. Comfort upgrades or new upholstery can make a dramatic difference in how much you ride the bike. Looking into motorcycle seat repairs or replacement can be an easy way to improve your experience each and every time you ride.

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