A doctor’s office or other medical clinics are usually not someone’s favorite place to spend their time. There can be long waits in the lobby and time spent in examination rooms that can be uncomfortable and cause anxiety. Having furniture that promotes a relaxed and calm environment can help reduce a patient’s stress during their visit, benefitting a patient’s well-being and overall health. Below, the McDowells Specialty Repairs team has provided a few situations of when you may need to breathe some life into your old medical office furniture!

If You Are Getting Patient Complaints

Not all patients will be outspoken enough to tell you the furniture needs some updating, so when one does, other patients are likely thinking the same thing! Patient complaints can ruin a business if you do not address them and work to make these necessary changes. If your upholstery is cracking, stained, or worn down from constant use, it is time to look into replacements. Buying all new furniture can get pricey, which is why reupholstering can be a cost-effective way to make your patients happier and improve their overall experience with your office.

To Make The Office Look Better

The first time a patient walks into the reception area and waiting room will have a lasting impression on their opinion of your medical practice. If they walk in and see old, outdated, or broken furniture, they may worry more about whether your practice is even worthy of their business. Having updated or newly reupholstered furniture will help promote a tranquil atmosphere throughout the office and give peace of mind to the patients. This ambiance then carries into the examination rooms where you want to ensure all of your beds and stools are in good condition as well.

If There Are Broken Parts

To avoid injuries or accidents in your office, regularly check if there are any broken pieces of furniture that could be a hazard to your patients and staff. Removing damaged furniture from your office will not only help prevent mishaps, but also will be beneficial for the overall appearance of your medical office. Broken furniture can easily be replaced or fixed and it is not worth leaving it out for any potential accidents!

Who Can I Call For Help?

If you are noticing that your office ambiance is not promoting a calm and stress-reducing environment for your patients, then it may be time for some changes! McDowells offers a wide range of medical furniture repair services to help restore your waiting and examination rooms that save you time and money. Renovating old upholstery is a cheaper alternative to replacing all of the items that need some help. Not only can the McDowells team refresh your equipment, but they can also fix the wood and mechanisms inside your furniture that may be damaged or broken. To further reduce stress for you, most repairs can be done in-office to avoid moving your furniture or being without key pieces for an extended period of time.

If your medical practice has furniture that needs a refresh or you have been getting complaints from patients, McDowells Specialty Repairs can assist in making the necessary alterations. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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