If there’s work to be done around your home and you want the job done the right way, it’s time to call the handyman! Where contractors often charge an arm and a leg and typically only handle big jobs or specialize in one area leading you to need to call others to finish what needs doing, a handyman can handle a variety of odd jobs and take care of all of your needs at one time.
So, how do you know when it’s time to call a handyman? What jobs can actually be done? Read on to find out!


If you need something installed, then a handyman is perfect for the job. Whether you’re updating your old front door for a more energy-efficient model before winter hits, need to change out your interior molding and trim, want to change out your ceiling fan, or need to install a new sink or other fixture, a handyman can take care of all of your installation needs.

Miscellaneous Odd Jobs

Have an odd job around the house? Call the handyman! Furniture assembly can be tricky, but we can take care of it in a jiffy. Need help changing your HVAC filter or smoke alarm batteries? We can do that, too! We can mount your new tv to the wall for you, hang your family pictures so that they’re level every time, put up your curtains or blinds, clean your furniture, touch up your paint, wax your kitchen cabinets…the list goes on!

Home Repairs

If it’s broken, odds are good we can probably fix it! From home interior repairs like wall, woodwork, and floor repairs, to some plumbing repairs, we do it all. We can fix up your light fixtures, repair pet damage, and even handle some light carpentry work! Whether you just need to make your space more pleasant and livable for yourself or you’re preparing to sell your home, a handyman might be just what you need to take care of all of your odds and ends.

Call Your Friendly Local Handyman

If you’re looking for a local handyman, the team at McDowells Specialty Repair has you covered! We can handle any odd job, big or small. If you have a job that needs doing and would like a little help, give us a call today; we’d be happy to provide you with more information and an estimate!

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