Over the years, we have all recounted on those summer stories of sunny days and sunburns. At one point or another, we’ve forgotten to reapply that sunscreen after jumping in the pool, falling asleep in the hammock, or taking just too long of a car ride with the top down.

We become increasingly cautious and careful of skin protection as we get older. We also have more opportunities for skincare based on new or improved options. We will never be able to avoid the sun entirely and, ultimately, we need to be out in the sun for our own health and for fun with our family and friends.

Long Days in the Car

As we get older, we are looking for more options to better suit our lifestyle. With busy schedules – bouncing between jobs, outdoor adventures, or just spending some good ol’ alone time during rush hour traffic – we are spending more time in the comfort of our own vehicles.

During the spring and summer and into early fall, we typically see more sun than we are used to. As a result, we tend to overlook the impact of the sun on our bodies for an average of 14 hours a day during the summer months. We are fortunate to some degree because of our vehicle’s partial protection just from providing cover from direct sun exposure. Although, there are additional, more effective provisions we can take toward shielding ourselves from sweltering temperatures and damaging UV rays.

Passenger Safety and Comfort

With the appropriate tint film, up to 99% of harmful UVB and UVB rays can be blocked without reducing function and visibility. This protects the driver from potential skincare risks. While this may seem like a stretch, that data confirms there is some science behind it. According to the Skin Cancer Institute, American drivers experience more skin cancer on the left side of the faces and bodies and Australian and European drivers typically experience skin cancer on the right side, indicating your time in your vehicle is truly impacting your skin health. Auto tint can also protect or alleviate the stress on passengers’ eyes. Even with sunglasses, the sun can be an overwhelming force on our eyes when we drive. Because glare and reflective light can be just as harmful to our vision and skin as direct exposure, taking necessary precautions with professional tinting can enhance the entire experience in your vehicle. Keeping your kids, friends, families, and guests comfortable and safe without squinting or adjusting is the ultimate goal for any driver.

A Fresh New Look

One of the most common reasons to tint the windows on any vehicle is to upgrade the aesthetics. Tinting your windows can create a sporty and more aggressive look for any car, truck, or SUV. At McDowells we offer high quality window tint packages to suit the looks of any vehicle and the preferences of the owner. From very light to limo tint, we can get exactly the look you want and the level of coverage you are comfortable driving with. We even have samples in our shop you can take outside to get an idea of how dark or light you would like your windows to be. Whether you’re looking to just provide a bit of sun protection in your daily driver or a sleek look for a high end sports car, McDowells can get it done!

Unexpected Benefits of Window Tinting

In addition to the general advantages of auto tint, there are also less intuitive benefits to having a professionally installed tint in your vehicle. Among these are the following:
Cooling the interior. Less light passing through means less heat trapped inside your vehicle.
Protecting the interior from fading and cracking. Sunlight can fade upholstery and cause plastic to become brittle, tint will help protect your interior for years to come.
Increased privacy. Tint reduces how visible your interior is from the outside, lessening the “fishbowl” feeling and helping to conceal items left inside your vehicle.

Industry-Leading Tint Options

We know that sometimes the hassle of getting additional work done on your vehicle can be enough to deter you from coming in. This is why we take efficiency as seriously as our care with your vehicle. We also have done the research in the industry to find products that will work the first time we install them but also leave you with enough flexibility to decide what kind of tint will suit your needs best.

Our partnership with SunTek window tinting allows us to offer a wide range of options including charcoal, metallic, and carbon tint films in a variety of shades. We also offer a line of windshield strip accessories to boost glare-protection measures.

Having top quality tint on your vehicle will improve your driving experience this summer. But, remember, auto tinting will also maintain the quality and comfort of your car and, more importantly, your passengers for years to come.

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