We’ve experienced that rapid drop in temperature that can only mean one thing: winter is almost here!
Winter car care can prove to be critical to the operation and maintenance of your vehicle. You’ve probably taken all of the steps to prepare your home and wardrobe for the coming chill, but have you taken care of your car? Winter preparations for your vehicle go far beyond investing in a pair of snow tires. The team at McDowells is here to help!

Restore Your Headlights

Winter visibility can get a little scary, especially here in Idaho. We have a lot of rural roads without the added lights of the city, so making sure that your headlights are clear and shining brightly is very important! If your headlights are yellowed or foggy, now is a good time to get them restored and return the clarity that will help you feel safer when you’re driving home on a winter’s evening!

Winterize Your Vehicle

You’ve heard of winterizing your RV, but what about winterizing your car? Believe it or not, there are steps you should take to prepare your care for winter; basics like knowing what tires you should have available, changing your windshield wipers, and even creating a winter roadside emergency kit can be critical to being prepared for winter road conditions.

Get A Routine Service and Brake Check

You may or may not be driving less in the winter depending on how you feel about snow and ice, but it is just as important to stay on top of your service and regular maintenance during the winter as it is during the summer travel season. Make sure to also have a professional check your brakes; a malfunction in the winter can turn a slight slide on icy roads into a serious situation!

Wash and Wax Your Car

Something many people neglect in the winter months: washing their vehicle! No, you’re not going to keep that spot-free shine for long. However, what you will do by regularly washing your car? Rinse off the salt spray and sand from the roads that actually damage your vehicle! Washing your car in winter can save you an expensive paint job down the line; plus, you get the satisfaction of a clean car!

Call A Professional to Repair Chips and Dents

Whether the neighborhood kids accidentally hit your car with a hard snowball or a chunk of ice fell off of that truck in front of you, chips and dents still happen in the winter! When this happens, no sweat; call the pros!
At McDowells Specialty Repair, our team can take care of that dent in no time. Our paintless dent repair technicians will make sure you never would guess that the unsightly dent had ever existed. If you’re interested in learning more about PDR, watch the video below and give us a call today!

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