Winter Is Coming

Winter won’t be coming as slow as it did in Game of Thrones. We can agree that Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, but I’m sure you’ve seen the snow on top of Bogus Basin. It’s better to be prepared for the snow than to be buried in it. Don’t just buy some coats and mittens to keep yourself warm. Winterize your car with this guide.

Headlight Check

Checking your brakes is routine, but forgetting your headlights is a no-no. With conditions worsening and visibility dropping, other cars need to be able to see you. Not to mention, you also have to see where you’re going in the first place.

Foggy Headlights Are Caused By:

  • Oxidation
  • Flying Debris
  • Water Vapor
  • Dirt & Chemicals

A lot of DIY treatments only last a few months and don’t effectively solve the issue long term. Professional headlight restoration makes it so you aren’t going out into the snow every month to scrub some solution on your lights and pray it works.

Cozy Within

Seat heaters were a gift sent to us from inventor Robert Ballard. Shortly after, Cadillac introduced this “hot” new feature in 1966. Today, some cars come preinstalled with them, but if not, there are shops that will install custom seat heaters for you like McDowells. Instead of feeling the blast of cold air while you wait for it to heat up, you can warm your buns and back in a more comfortable way. Not to mention applying heat to your back can help relieve stress and tension. We all could use some more stress relief this Holiday season, don’t you think?
The upholstery of your vehicle isn’t just a visual quality. If there are tears and rips, how is it supposed to be a comfortable and warm place to be in? Your auto upholstery acts as an insulation shield for what lies within. Better to have it fixed while it is still warm out than when it’s freezing.

Tired of Hearing About Tires?

Protecting everything from your vehicle’s exterior to its’ interior relies upon the functionality of your automobile. October 1st marks the date when it is legal to use studded tires in Idaho and continues on through April 30th. If you live in the Treasure Valley, don’t rush to switch your tires; It is only necessary if the weather calls for it. Also it would be a shame if we were to tear up the streets our road workers have been hard at work repaving.
Do keep it in the back of your mind. It can be tempting to get caught up in the holiday events, but being prepared for winter will prevent future headaches.

Wipe The Stress Away

Your wiper blades aren’t brought to your attention until you turn them on and find out that they are worn. Then, they are forgotten about the second you exit your vehicle. Just like headlights, your wiper blades help you see what’s going on ahead. Did you know that there are wipers that are specifically made for winter? Winter wipers are heavy-duty and prevent ice from forming on them.

We Prepare You

Winter brings a lot of destructive weather and dangerous accidents. Luckily at McDowells, we can offer some preventative measures by equipping you with restored headlights, custom seat heaters, and improved auto upholstery.

In regard to the coronavirus (COVID-19):

As our valued customer, we appreciate the trust that you put in us to handle all of your repair needs and we want to let you know that we are deemed an essential business and that we are following the guidance of government and health authorities to ensure safety for our customers and employees.

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