Furniture Repair

We specialize in furniture repair. Located in Boise, Idaho we will come to you and fix your furniture! Whether you have a scratch in a leather ottoman, claw marks on your couch, a worn dental chair, water stains on your wood coffee table, or just a broken mechanism in your favorite chair, we can help!

Our Furniture Services

McDowells fixes a lot of home furniture. Mechanisms, frames, damaged springs, sagging cushions, foam and batting bunched up, spot refinishing, water rings, broken dining room chairs and pretty much anything from moving damage to antique restoration.

Leather Repair

We smooth down cracks, sew up holes and re-dye the leather to its original color. Our skilled technicians can recondition your leather to bring it back to that soft feel you had when you bought it.

Vinyl And Fabric Repair

Vinyl repair can be done in the home with our state of the art process where we repair, texture and redye the torn area to match the color as closely as possible. Fabric repair can be performed by hand stitching or splicing in sections.

Upholstery Repair

Upholstery Repair, in general, is very situational. The size, placement, and severity of the damage will determine if we can repair the item and save the manufacturers material or if panel replacement is necessary. Either way, McDowells can fix that!

Wood Furniture Repair

McDowells brings a lot of experience to each job. We are able to repair, reinforce and restore the color and graining to many pieces of furniture where our competition is unable. Wood repair is half skill and the other half is art.

Medical And Restaurant Upholstery

The restaurant industry has to be ready for the rush when it happens. McDowells will work around the restaurant’s schedule to give the maximum seating capacity. We offer complete booth rebuilds, bulk vinyl ordering, and custom color matching.

Furniture Mechanisms

Furniture mechanisms wear out. Often the cover of the chair is still healthy but the insides need a rebuild. McDowells is very experienced and has an extensive inventory of mechanisms to cover most needs. We are Lane and Lazy Boy repair centers and offer mobile service to the home or office. For your reclining comfort rely on us.

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