Recreational Repair

McDowells wants to keep your adventure going! We specialize in repairs done to RV’s, boats, ATV’s & more! Not sure if we can do it? Just ask. We will have you off exploring in no time.

Our Recreational Repair Services

Boat Repair

Stepping in and out of your boat can lead to torn seats and damaged upholstery.  From minor repairs to complete reupholstery, we will restore your boat to pristine condition.

Motorcycle Seat Repair

Motorcycle seat tears can be repaired. The end result will be less expensive than a full recover and extend the life of the seat for many more enjoyable rides.

RV Interior Repair

You enjoy being on the road, that’s what your RV was designed for. Through all of your adventures sometimes things get dinged, ripped or torn. Don’t let wears and tears devalue your RV. We offer complete upholstery services, and don’t worry, we have plenty of parking!

Motorcycle Dent and Scratch Repair

Dings on fenders, gas tanks or upholstery tears are possible repairs for our technicians. We will have you back on the road in no time.

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