Here at McDowells, we are experts when it comes to repairing car interiors. In our 27+ years of experience in this industry, we’ve seen it all when it comes to damage and wear to the inside of a car. So, we wanted to share some of that knowledge with you in hopes that you will learn a thing or two, starting with prevention:

Maintenance Tips

Between family, pets, food, skis and everything else, the inside of your car can take a beating over time. The easiest way to make sure your car’s interior doesn’t wear more than it should is to keep it clean. A buildup of trash and other random items you may keep in your car can cause spills, stains, and tears to the upholstery and carpet if you’re always digging through your car to find something you left in there.
While it doesn’t solve every problem, getting in the habit of vacuuming the inside of your car, wiping down the dashboard and doors, and washing the carpets with the right cleaners on a regular basis will always help prevent bigger issues from arising.

Stains & Smells

Try to remember a time when you were in a rush to get somewhere and when you got in your car, you accidentally spilled your coffee or your child’s drink on the floor. It happens to the best of us, and oftentimes we forget about the stain by the time we get back home. Even if you’ve tried cleaners and other chemical products over and over, some stains just won’t come out. Your nose may get used to it, but passengers in your car will be able to smell the lingering odors from pets, cigarettes, and spills left untreated. At McDowells, we pride ourselves on being able to get the toughest stains and smells out, and if you just don’t want to think about what was spilled in your car anymore, we can also do a full replacement of the carpet.

Upholstery Damage

Whether your car is outfitted with leather, vinyl, or fabric, it’s bound to wear and tear after continuous use. Tears, holes, burns, scratches, and cracks are just a few things that our auto upholstery repair experts see on a daily basis. Once we are able to understand the extent of the damage, we can determine the best procedure for repairing it with superior results and consistent quality.

Dashboard & Door Damage

The sun, among other things, can be your dashboard’s worst enemy. If you don’t regularly cover your dashboard with a shade or something similar, over time the UV rays will cause the material to crack, warp, or peel. Keys and other sharp objects can leave scratches and holes on your door panels if you’re not careful. If this type of damage has happened to your car’s interior, don’t worry! McDowells’ team of professionals can most likely fix it up like new again for a fraction of the cost of completely replacing it.

Most of the time, damage to the interior of a car is only accidental, but it can be a hassle to try to do it on your own (and your DIY repair might not even turn out like you had hoped!). This is why our Boise auto repair technicians are always happy to help make your car like new again. If you have any questions about damage or repairs to your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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