One might turn to rain and cold weather as the main villains inflicting furniture damage. Generally, they would not be wrong. These two conditions can have an extreme effect on the wear and tear damage your furniture receives. However, besides both rain and the cold, did you know that the UV rays admitted from the sun also play a role? Although Earth takes up about 33% of the rays given off, the rest of it is being absorbed by everything else, including us and our furniture. McDowells wants to keep your equipment in mint condition by informing you of the ways in which the sun is harming your vinyl furniture.

Change In Coloration of Your Vinyl Furniture

That new red vinyl pairs nicely with the exterior colors on the outside of your boat! It would be a shame if that solid red turns into a faded discoloration. Unfortunately, that issue will happen when exposed to too much sunlight. Dark colors like red will typically fade faster and more apparent than lighter colors. Even neutral-toned colors can end up fading towards a pinkish color after enough exposure to UV rays. Try keeping your furniture in the shade or away from windows as it can prolong the life of the vinyl. It is hard to impress friends and family with faded vinyl, which is why McDowells Specialty Repairs understands you want your furniture to remain in pristine condition and look to be your go-to service provider when needing vinyl and fabric repair. With 26 years of experience in vinyl furniture repair, McDowells will assess the damage of your furniture and take the necessary steps to achieve a perfect result.

Cracking of Your Vinyl Furniture

If you’ve ever been into an old-fashioned diner, you might be observant enough to notice that the vinyl sitting booths may be cracking! Not to say that this only happens at diners, but when vinyl furniture is exposed to the sun long enough, visible cracking in the material will start to appear. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can also be quite the discomfort. Afterall, we believe the average person should want their furniture to remain in a healthy condition. Our approach to fixing the material is typically by tucking the damaged area behind another seam or by stretching the damaged area to blend it underneath another panel. Whether your vinyl seatings have been damaged in your boat, house, or man cave, McDowells Specialty Repairs has the experience and professional qualification to fix your issue, making your damaged furniture look as good as new!

Drying of Your Vinyl Furniture

By now you probably realize the sun has a natural tendency to dry things up. It can dry up water, skin, hair, and oh yeah… your vinyl furniture. Over time, the sun will begin to dry out the vinyl, resulting in a loss of flexibility and durability. We personally think it’s best to start by using mineral oil. By initially cleaning off the material with a vinyl cleaner, removing away the dirt and excess grime, you can then begin to apply the mineral oil, which will help with softening up the vinyl. Of course, this isn’t the only route you can take. Many companies already create vinyl repair products that help with the restoration of dried-out vinyl. McDowells also recommends avoiding any acidic substance you think might work. Keyword “might”. If your main goal is to soften the vinyl and restore it to the best of your ability, avoid acidic products that have the potential to crispen the material.
With Summer already in full swing, and the weather feeling alarmingly warm, there’s a greater chance that your vinyl seating could be taking a beating. Don’t let that seating take on the heat without proper care and specialty assistance if needed! Make sure to pay attention to the constant state of condition your seating is in. If you feel like your furniture’s been torched and spending money on new vinyl seats isn’t in the budget, call us today at McDowells Specialty Repairs! We’re more than happy to help!
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