If you own a classic car, you know the amazing feeling of having someone admire and compliment it. One of the best ways to show off your car is to enter it into a car show, and there are local car shows for all different types of cars! Even if you’re just a car enthusiast, these events can be a fun way to spend the summer months. If this peaks your interest, the McDowells team compiled a list of car shows happening in Idaho this summer, so mark your calendar!

Cruisin’ Hidden Springs Car Show

The Cruisin’ Hidden Springs Car Show takes place in Hidden Springs, a small suburb outside of Garden City that could almost be considered its own town. The car show is on June 5th and starts at 10 A.M. Any participants should get there by 8 A.M. to park their cars and get them ready for show. This is the show’s 7th summer of operation and features cars (obviously), as well as food, merchandise, and music. You can purchase your entry ticket on the Cruisin’ Hidden Springs website, and should do so as soon as possible before they sell out of spots!

Wash & Shine Car Show & Swap Meet

This show is taking place at Carl Miller Park in Mountain Home on July 24th. It’s a free show for both viewers and those displaying their cars, and you’ll only have to pay a ticket fee if you are a vendor. The show is not judged, so it’s just a fun event to show your car off at or look at some of the best cars from all over Idaho!

Kruz-In Car Show

One of the longest running car shows happening this summer is the Kruz-In Car Show. This is the 19th annual Kruz-In Car Show taking place at Eagle Christian Church and is free to enter, but it is judged with an award presentation. The show is free to enter into, but you should register prior to the event here. There’s free food and beverages available, but it starts at 7 A.M., so be there bright and early!

Sun Valley Tour de Force

The Sun Valley Tour de Force is one of the coolest car shows that happens in Idaho. It takes place this summer between July 22nd and July 24th, so it’s actually a festival rather than just a one-day show. This event has a ton of supercars and hyper cars, so you’re bound to find a car that you’ve never seen before. They have high speed runs on Highway 75 through the beautiful mountains. There are also many other events happening around the town of Sun Valley during this event, so it’d make a great vacation for the weekend!

If you want to get your car ready to enter it into a car show, be sure to give McDowells Specialty Repair a call! We specialize in auto repair, and we can fix any paint scratches or dings so that your car will be ready to turn heads by showtime. Call us today!

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