The summer heatwave has arrived, and with it may come a strong desire to see highways flying by beneath you. Before you hit the road, be sure to take stock of your motorcycle’s current condition; is it ready to make a long, cross-country trip? The team at McDowells has come up with a few items to cross off of your checklist to prepare for a safe and comfortable ride!

Dent Repair

Admit it: nothing fills you with pride quite like showing off your motorcycle. But when an unsightly blemish is visible on the body of your motorcycle, it can be a source of pain or frustration. Let the professionals buff out the scratches and remove the dents and dings so that you can enjoy your ride all the more. Using paintless dent repair technology, the professional dent technicians at McDowells Specialty Repair can get you out on the road, good as new, in no time flat.

Upholstery Repair

Has the seat of your motorcycle seen better days? You’ll probably want to get that taken care of before you spend hours on a ride! With extensive knowledge of upholstery repair and replacement, the crew at McDowells can patch your seat, repair and rejuvenate leather, and leave your motorcycle looking better than it has in years. After an appointment with McDowells Specialty Repair, you’ll be able to cruise through the countryside in complete comfort.

Get A Tune-Up

Just like with any motorized vehicle, it’s important to take your motorcycle in for a professional tune-up before hitting the road for any planned extended trip. There may be a few things you can do yourself, but if you’re expecting to travel long distances, it’s always safer to have a qualified motorcycle mechanic take a look to make sure you aren’t missing anything that could put you into a bad place during your trip. Get your oil changed, make sure everything is working properly, and breathe a little easier knowing you won’t get stranded on the side of the road miles from any civilization.

Plan Your Trip

Once you have all of your safety and comfort features taken care of, it’s time to plan the trip! North America has so many wonderful road trips available, and they’re all so much more breathtaking from the seat of a motorcycle. Take a tour of National Parks, explore the coastal highways, or plan a cross-country trip with a stop in all 50 states–whatever fits your time, budget, and dreams!

Call The Experts

Ready to start getting your motorcycle ready for that long ride? Give the team at McDowells a call today, and let’s get started! We’ll have your motorcycle looking just like it did the day you rode it off the lot…or maybe even better.

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