Even if your car runs absolutely fine, too much wear and tear on the upholstery often prompts people to consider selling. However, that does not always need to be the case! If you have messy kids, dogs that love car rides, or you work where you are guaranteed to get dirty, you know just how quickly some seats can get worn out. When you realize that the time has come for you to take action on the current state of your upholstery, and depending on just how much care they need, there are several options available to make sure your seats look as good as new.

Stain and Odor Removal

We’ve all lived on the edge a few times while driving with an open-lid drink in the cup holder. When you have to come to a hard stop or make a tight turn, even the standard coffee lid with the small opening can become a chute for your coffee to spray onto your car’s upholstery – you’re probably familiar with just how tough coffee stains can be to take care of. Perhaps you are a smoker or have had a child or pet have an accident in the back seat. These things not only stain your car, but they can leave a long lasting stench. When it comes to odor and stain removal in a car, unfortunately baking soda just doesn’t do the exceptional job to remove the stain and odor.
You are going to want to hire a professional that has expertise in auto upholstery repair and McDowells Specialty Repair has just the team you need! Not only can McDowells help you with stains and odors, we specialize in both interior and exterior automotive restoration. When thinking about selling your car, the most obvious but important part is that it runs. From there, you have the cosmetics to think about. This is everything from clean seats, fresh smell, clean windows and even smaller things like headlight renewal so they don’t look foggy or worn out. Oftentimes, these cosmetics are the little things that will really sell someone on your car at the end of the day.

Leather Repairs

Traveling with pets often leads to nails and claws doing damage to the upholstery in your car, or even to the paint on the outside. While McDowells specializes in both paint chip repairs and leather repairs, when reupholstering your seats you need to think about how much care you are willing to put into taking care of the seats. Fabric seats are more susceptible to future stains and dirt getting in the cracks, so perhaps you should switch to leather seats instead. Leather seats are overall easier to clean and are more pet-friendly than fabrics. Not to mention – leather also increases the overall appearance of the car’s interior!

Vinyl Repairs

Camping gear, your kids’ sports equipment, or everyday items that get tossed around in your car all have the possibility of damaging your interior. Even scrapping your shoe against the bottom of your car door can leave a mark that can’t be simply buffed out. When it comes time to sell your car, you want to make sure your car looks presentable and there are no glaringly obvious signs of wear and tear. Holes and scratches in steering wheels, dashes, door panels, seats, arm rests, center consoles and rear hatch compartments with hard plastic are all repairable.

Ever since opening in 1993, McDowells has been serving the residents of the Treasure Valley and helping them get their vehicles ready to sell. If you’re planning on selling your car soon, any cosmetic repairs on your vehicle can be done by McDowells Specialty Repairs!

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